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  1. Audio waveform not showing up using El Capitan Mac OSX 10.11 with USB mic

  2. Can I hide a screencast from the Pro Hosting search results?

  3. Can I import and edit an mp4 or other video?

  4. Can I make and edit recordings when offline?

  5. Can multiple users upload to one Pro Hosting site?

  6. Creating a channel on YouTube for your google account

  7. Edit Tool Tutorials

  8. Error while encoding (Windows)

  9. Help Tutorials

  10. How can I download a screencast that I've uploaded to

  11. How can I improve my game recordings?

  12. How can I position the control bar so it shows at the top instead of the bottom?

  13. How can I purchase using a Purchase Order (PO)

  14. How can I record on my 2nd monitor?

  15. How can I record the audio from my computer (Mac) ?

  16. How can I record the audio from my computer (Windows) ?

  17. How can I remove mouse/click highlighting?

  18. How can I upload a PowerPoint presentation?

  19. How do I cancel my subscription?

  20. How do I change my account email or password?

  21. How do I edit a recording I've uploaded?

  22. How do I get the latest version of the install for Mac?

  23. How do I update the v2 Recorder to the latest version?

  24. How much does Pro Hosting cost?

  25. Is there a 15 minute recording limit for Pro Recorder?

  26. Is there a way to change the framerate (fps) that the Recorder captures at?

  27. Java Heap

  28. Keyboard Shortcuts v2.0

  29. Mac Manual Uninstall/Reinstall

  30. Microphone / Voice sounds low and distorted after upgrading to Windows 10

  31. Recorded computer audio sounds slow and distorted (Windows)

  32. Recorder API

  33. Recorder captures all black instead of the screen (Windows)

  34. Recorder won't launch from my web browser, Help!

  35. Recording system audio with Realtek Audio Card

  36. Scripted Recordings Tutorials

  37. See more upload options (v2.0)

  38. Setting up your Pro Recorder subscription to auto-renew

  39. Sharing videos published to

  40. Upload Failure

  41. What are the steps to add the Recorder's LTI Plugin to Canvas?

  42. What happens to my uploads if I cancel my Pro Hosting?

  43. What is Pro Hosting?

  44. What should I do if I get the "DISK TO FULL" error?

  45. What's bandwidth and how does it effect the cost of Pro Hosting?

  46. Where can I find my license key for the Pro Recorder upgrade?

  47. Where can I see an example of a Pro Hosting site?

  48. Where did all my v1.0 Recordings go?

  49. Why does the recorder crash or the webcam window freeze when I try to record with the webcam?

  50. Why is the recording area cut off and only capturing part of my screen? (Windows)

  51. Why is YouTube playback blurry, fuzzy, or unreadable?

  52. Will I receive a refund if I cancel my subscription?

  53. YouTube and Google Drive uploads don't work with OAuth 1.0

  54. YouTube says upload is unauthorized

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