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Inserting a text slide

There's something very simple that I can't figure out how to do. I have my recording and I want basically insert a "text slide" somehow. I want the playback of the recording to pause and then show a totally black screen with some text on it for about 5 seconds and then continue playing back the recording.

How do I do this? First of all, I can't find any way using the text overlay tool to make the screen totally black with some text on it. When I try to resize the text overlay to cover the whole screen, it just makes the text huge, which I don't want. I just want some small text on a totally black screen.

I tried using an image overlay instead which seemed to work OK but I don't just want this text slide image to overly my recording for 5 seconds. I want it INSERTED. I want my recording to play to a certain point, have the text slide appear for 5 seconds and then have the recording pick up where it left off.

I tried doing this using the pause tool, but I couldn't get it to work. Is there some simple way I can do this? It's a VERY common thing people do in YouTube videos and I'd really like to figure it out.

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Couple of ways this could be done but one option is to create your text slide in a paint program / power point etc then use the Insert > New Recording option to bring up the screen recorder and capture that slide from the screen.


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  • Paula Johnson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I was having a similar freezing issue when just inserting a new recording. If you create a separate recording, then insert an "existing recording" it shouldn't freeze on you.

  • cj commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks, that way worked OK but I now have another problem. After I insert the new recording and try to play it back in the editor, the playback freezes in the middle. This same thing happened before when I inserted a pause and then tried playing it back. I'm using Vista, which might be part of the problem. Is there a problem with Screencast-O-Matic playback freezing after insert edits?

    And is there another way I can insert a text slide in case I want to try it another way? Thanks.

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